A super cool cake!!

I made this cake for my sous chefs birthday back in January!! I actually used a cake mix for the cake itself, then the decorating is done with Betty Crocker vanilla frosting and also ready made white icing (the stuff you roll out)


  • Cake mix – and the ingredients it asks for
  • Betty Crocker vanilla frosting (you could also use the chocolate frosting but I prefer the vanilla)
  • Orchard White Icing
  • Food Colouring
  • Licorice logs (for eyes)
  1. Cook cake according to packet instructions. You want it to be a circle size. I think I used 2 packet mixes so I had more cake. I also made some little star cupcakes as well
  2. Once cool it is time to cut and decorate. Cut out two pieces on each side to make the mushroom shape
  3. Spread with the Betty Crocker icing. Don’t forget the sides!
  4. Roll out enough white icing for the bottom part of the mushroom. Carefully put it over the bottom half, it should be a little bigger than you need (the red will overlap a little)
  5. Mix some red food colouring with the white icing then roll it out to size. Carefully put it over the top – it will overlap with the white a little.
  6. Trim off the edges at the bottom.
  7. Roll out some more white icing then cut 3 circle shapes for the spots. Wet the cake slightly to help make the circles stick – you can also use more of the Betty Crocker Icing.
  8. Cut the licorice logs so that they have a flat edge. Attach to the cake using some of the Betty Crocker Icing.
  9. For the star cupcakes – ice with the Betty Crocker icing. Colour some of the icing yellow then cut out stars. Place the stars on the cupcakes. You can also cut some little licorice eyes.

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